Tutorial # 2 – Robot Framework Installation on Windows 10

This tutorial provides the detailed steps to install Python and robot framework through PIP


Step # 1 – Install Python and PIP


  • Check ‘Add Python 3.7 to path


  • Click Install Now
  • Once installation was successful, Go to ‘cmd’ and type ‘Python -V’, it will display the installed version.


  • PIP will get installed with python automatically, use PIP list command in the cmd to check the installation successful or not.

Upgrade to latest version of Python, Please click here

Step # 2 – Install Robot framework and Selenium library through PIP

  • Use this command ‘pip install robotframework‘ for robot framework library
  • Use this command ‘pip install robotframework-seleniumlibrary‘ for selenium library


Note: you can use ‘pip list’ command to see your installation is successful

Step # 3 – Install Pycharm (this is an IDE to develop automation scripts in robot framework)


  • Click Pycharm installation file


  • Click next and then select destination folder in which pycharm will install


  • Click Next and choose the launcher ‘32-bit or 64-bit‘ based on your operating system


  • Click Next and wait for few minutes to complete installation


  • you’re all set to develop automation scripts using Robot framework 🙂

If you’re interested in Video tutorial, Please watch this.


Upgrade Pycharm – Click here

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