Tutorial # 4 – Robot Framework – Configure Intellibot Plug-in

This Tutorial provides steps to configure ‘Intellibot Plug-in’

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Intellibot Plug-in : This is an editor which is used to edit, Get auto keyword suggestions and drill down on Robot framework test scripts.

Steps to install Intellibot plug-in

  1. Open Pycharm
  2. Go to File –> settings –> Click plug-ins

2. Type ‘IntelliBot’ in Search –> IntelliBot plug-in is displayed as shown below


3. Click Install –> IntelliBot plug-in will be installed successfully

4. Restart Pycharm to activate IntelliBot.

Note: IntelliBot plug-in works well with selenium2library, but it doesn’t work with SeleniumLibrary.

Note: If you are using Robot Framework SeleniumLibrary, please follow the same steps and install IntelliBot @ SeleniumLibrary patched which is compatible with SeleniumLibrary.

IntelliBot Plug-In Installation

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