Setting Up reporting in Parasoft SOATest

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The below section illustrates how to setup Parasoft SOATest to generate a full execution report when running tests in order to use these documents as evidence in ALM (for both passed and failed tests/defects).

These reports provide a detail list of all the tests that were executed, skipped as well as which ones passed and fail. They will also provide all information on the traffic generated by any given test. As such, please take note that tests that don’t generate traffic (such as scripts) will not display any details (traffic) on the report other than the end result of the test.

Setting up the reporting options for SOATest

1 – The preferences menu

The first area of the SOATest area that will need to be modified is located in the preferences menu. To go to the right location, you will need to go to the following path:

Window > Preferences > Parasoft > Reports


In this window, there are a series of options of what information is desired to be present in the report.

The following boxes must be checked:

⦁ Detailed Reports for developers
⦁ Overview of Tasks by Author
⦁ Overview of checked files and executed tests
⦁ Task details
⦁ Suppression details
⦁ Test case details
⦁ Requirement/defect details
⦁ Active static analysis rules
⦁ Generate formatted reports in command-line mode

Also, we need to make sure that the “Only top-level tests suites” and “Only tests that failed” boxes are not checked.

2 – Test Configuration

The following section that requires to be updated for the reporting is located in the configuration section. You can reach the test configurations by going to:


When opening the test configuration window, you will need to select the Example Configuration found under the User-defined folder. Once having selected this configuration, you will go to the Execution tab and make sure the following boxes are checked:

⦁ Execute functional tests
⦁ Enable event logging
⦁ Report traffic for all tests

You will also have to update the traffic limit size to at least 5000 KB to make sure that any XML sent across will be captured.


You can always review the report is done correctly by generating a copy from the execution tab in SOATest and confirm that the traffic has been generated for all eligible tests, regardless if they passed or failed.



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