Tutorial # 5 – Download Web drivers and Configure browser settings

This tutorial explains, the steps to download IE, Chrome and Firefox web drivers and Configure Browser settings to run test cases.

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Purpose of Web Driver: Web driver is a library which helps to communicate between your test automation scripts and browsers.


Please download IE web driver @ https://www.seleniumhq.org/download/

Please download Chrome Driver and Firefox driver @

Create a bin directory and copy the downloaded web drivers to bin directory and add Path (C:\bin) to environmental variables (Advanced system settings –> Environment variables –> System variables –> select Path –> click Edit –> Add C:\bin directory)

Note: If you add path to Environment variables, Robot framework (SeleniumLibrary) will automatically recognize the web drivers, thereby, you don’t need to explicitly mention web driver path in your test scripts.

Configure IE settings:

Set IE Zoom level to 100%

Go to Tools –> internet options –> Security –> Keep same security settings (either check or uncheck) for Enable Protected mode for Internet, Local intranet, Trusted sites, and Restricted sites.

Note: you don’t need to change browser settings for chrome and Firefox

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