Tutorial # 1 – Robot Automation Framework Introduction

This provides an introduction to Robot framework and you will also learn about Robot framework supported browsers, Operating systems, libraries and built-in reporting mechanism.

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Introduction: Robot Framework is a key word based Test Automation framework, Test scripts will be written using Python language, though this is Keyword based framework, it will support three different styles to write test cases such as Keyword-driven, Data-driven and Behavioral Driven Development (will discuss later how to write test cases using different styles.)

Robot Framework Features and Capabilities:

  • Keyword-driven automation framework which has Data-driven capabilities
  • This is a wrapper on top of selenium, thereby, you can leverage all selenium features
  • Robot framework can be easily integrated with most of the python libraries.
    • For example, if you want to automate, windows based application, you can install AutoIT library and then automate windows applications.
  • Built-in reporting mechanism helps to provide detailed reports and logs.
  • Supports integration with GIT, Jenkins and other popular open source tools
  • Supports Cross platforms such as Windows, MAC & Linux and varieties of browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari etc.) and also supports Mobile Test automation.
  • In built and External Library
    • In-Built:OS, dialog, Strings, Collections, Date/time and Screen shot etc.
    • External: Selenium, Appium, SSH, Database, API etc.
    • No prior coding experience is required to write test cases – Manual tester can easily understand the keywords and able to write test cases.
      • These are some of the keywords
        • Invoke browser – Open Browser(keyword)
        • Maximize browser – Maximize browser window (keyword)
        • clicking on element – Click element
        • Closing browser – Close Browser (Keyword)

Supporting browsers

  • Internet explorer, chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari(MAC), Opera etc.

Operating Systems

  • Windows 7/10, MAC and UNIX.

External Libraries

These are some of the popular libraries, but Robot framework can be integrated with most of the python libraries.

  • AutoIt library
  • API library
  • PDF library
  • Excel library
  • Pybot library

 Built-In Reporting

  • The Built-in reporting of Robot framework is incredible, Because it provides 3 types of Reports such as report, logs in HTML format and output in XML format respectively.
  • The reports are easy to understand and provide the detailed steps of Test case execution.
  • Since these are in-built reports of Robot framework, you don’t need to write any code to generate them, let’s have a quick walk through on these 3 reports.

The reports will be saved at given path as illustrated below


  • Log files contain details about executed test cases
  • Provides Test suite, Test cases and Keyword details
  • logs help you to investigate the root cause for failures


  • Output file provides the test results in XML format


  • Report provides the high level overview of Test results
  • Drill-down on desired test cases if you want to analyze the test results.

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