Tutorial #2: UFT Tool Features

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UFT is an automated functional Testing tool that helps testers to execute automated tests in order to identify any errors, defects or gaps in contrary to the expected results of the application under test.

Below are the features of UFT (Version 14) tool.

Features Details
Support for OS and browser * Supports Windows 8.1 and Windows server 2012 and Performs testing on Safari browser
* Supports Windows 10 starting from version 12.51
* Supports IE, Firefox, Chrome, Netscape & Safari
* Supports Microsoft Edge in TechPreview mode
UFT extension in Chrome store * Receive updates automatically on chrome
Support for windows Runtime objects * Record and run tests on your Windows Runtime application.

Runtime objects are the actual Application Under Test (AUT) objects in the application which a Test object refers to during the test run (for eg: Text box where name of user is required to be entered during registering new user into a website. Here, the text box needs to be filled during runtime)

* Create object repositories with Windows Runtime application
Newly supported
* JDK 1.8 (requires to install UFT Java Add-in Extensibility SDK)

* XenDesktop 7 (cloud-ready software platform to deliver mobile, secure access to a complete collection of app and desktop virtualization solutions.)

* SAP Web Dynpro ABAP for NetWeaver 7.40 (SAP standard user interface technology developed by SAP AG. It can be used in the development of web-based applications in the SAP ABAP environment that utilizes SAP development tools and concepts)

* Hyper V (can create virtual machines on x86-64 systems running Windows)
Extended support for various technologies * Recognizes and interact with objects from Siebel web applications, SAP applications, etc..

* New FlexTable test object methods available for advanced data grid controls
Language Support
* Apart from VB Script, it also supports Java script and Windows shell script
Object Spy* Compare tool in Object Spy dialog compares 2 objects and displays its properties side-by-side.
Web Testing * Automated tests can be run from command line without viewing the actual Chrome window.
SRF* StormRunnerFunctional is a cloud based SAAS app that allows to run functional tests in the cloud across a variety of environments.
Mobile Testing* Run tests in parellel

* Manage multi projects

* Fingerprint authentication simulation

* AOM support for mobile Add-in

* Support for Polymer Shadow DOM
Insight Recording
* Helps to recognize objects precisely and also works in recognizing applications run on remote system.
Debug process* UFT has many debugging features:

Call Stack: Facilitates to see all methods and functions that are presently available in the call stack.

Loaded Modules: Useful for API testing, displays all .dlls files of a particular application executed using API test.

-Threads: This is also for API testing, displays all info about threads presently running as part of the run session.

– Local Variables Pane: Displays all types of variables and their current values.

– Console Pane: During debugging process; run the line of codes written in VB Script language for GUI testing and C# code for API testing.

– Watch: Displays current value and type of variables, properties or expressions.

– Debug Pane: Displays all values and types of variables, properties, and expressions written in VBScript or C# language.

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