Upgrade Pycharm to the latest version on windows 10

This tutorial describes the best way to upgrade Pycharm IDE to the latest version without losing the configuration and settings done for your projects using older versions.

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  • Windows 10
  • Older version of pycharm( any version below 2019.1)

As operating systems are often upgrading to latest versions and new builds are installing through windows automatic updates frequently, So we need to ensure that Pycharm IDE is compatible with new operating system versions otherwise we will encounter some challenges, for example, Pycharm IDE version – 2017.2 is not compatible with windows 10 version- 1809, therefore, I’m not able to commit and push my code to GIT , in this occasion, you should revisit your Pycharm IDE version and download compatible version according to your OS.

Steps to download Pycharm latest version

  • Open Pycharm IDE
  • Click Help —> Click Check for updates
  • Click Download
  • This will take you to Download Pycharm page (
  • Choose OS as windows and click download under Community
  • Save Pycharm installation file to your local directory
  • Run the installation file
  • Click next on ‘Pycharm community edition set up’ window
  • Check ‘select the Pycharm community edition version that you want to install’
  • Check uninstall silently ( this will help you to retain configurations and settings of your projects in older versions).
  • Click next and choose ‘Destination folder’ to install newer version or keep it as default location.
  • Click next and Check ‘64-bit launcher, Add launchers to path’.
  • Click Next and click install.
  • Save your work and reboot the machine.
  • Pycharm is upgraded to the latest version ( 2019.1 is the latest as of 04/04/2019) and you are all set to play around your latest version.

This is the best approach to upgrade pycharm to save time.

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