How to Download and Install Selenium WebDriver through POM.xml File

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Steps to install Selenium WebDriver using POM.xml file

  • Step # 1 – Download and Install Java/JDK – Click Here
  • Step # 2 – Download and Install Eclpise IDE – Click Here
  • Step # 3 – Create a Maven Project
  • Step # 4 – Add maven dependancies into POM.xml file

Step # 1 & 2 already covered in previous tutorial, Please click the links next to them, let’s start here from Step # 3

Step # 3 Create a Maven Project

  • Launch Eclipse IDE
  • File –> New –> Project
  • Expand Maven Folder –> Select Maven Project –> Click Next
  • Check ‘Use default work space location‘ and click Browse if you want to choose different work space and click Next
  • Click Next on this window
  • Enter Group and Artifact ID as depicted below
  • Click Finish, the Maven project is created as depicted below
  • Maven Project is created successfully for Selenium WebDriver

Step # 4 – Add Maven Dependencies into POM.xml file

  • Open pom.xml file and Go to pom.xml tab
  • Click this link and add the following maven dependencies to your pom.xml file.
  • Mandatory Maven Dependencies to create selenium scripts using WebDriver
    • Selenium-Java
    • Selenium-firefox-driver
    • htmlunit-driver
    • Selenium-server
  • Maven dependencies are successfully added and you’re all set to develop test scripts in Maven Project

Create a Test Script using Maven

  • Create a Test script under ‘SelMavenProject.SelMavenProject
  • Right click on ‘pom.xml‘ and Run as Maven Test as illustrated below
  • Examine the Maven build and Maven test is successful

For any questions, Please leave a comment here or shoot an email to ‘

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