Tutorial#6 – Insights on Salesforce functional defects

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This tutorial articulates most common issues/defects that we encounter during Salesforce testing

Defect#1:Task is not getting creating on the Lead object when status field is updated to Qualified.

For the above defect we need to provide step by step analysis to the development team as below.

Step1:Login to Salesforce as Sales user

Step2:Access the Lead Object record

Step3:change the status to Qualified

Step4:Go to related list on the Lead object

Step5:Verify Task is created

Expected results:Task should be created

Actual results:Task is not getting created

Note: Provide the screens shots and Test data for evidence.

  • Assign this defect to development team for further analysis and wait for the response.
  • Development team analysed found the workflow is not working as expected.
  • They fix the code on workflow and redeployed the code to QA box then team retested defect and closed.

Defect#2:Payment details are not updating on the Payment object when the status changed to Successful.

Step1: Login to Salesforce as Sales user

Step2: Access the Payment Object record

Step3: change the status to Successful after filling the Payment amount ,Account details,Payer information.

  • Assign the defect# to Development team by providing required details as above defect#1.
  • Dev team is start looking in to the defect they came to know third party application(mule soft) mapping fields are not mapping to sales force application properly.
  • Dev team fixed the defect then testing team retested and passed.

Defect#3:PDF contract package is not getting generated on Asset object when the stage is Contract and Status is active.

Step1:Login to SFDC

Step2:Access the Asset object

Step3:Change the Stage is Contract and Status is Active.

Step4:Verify PDF Contract package is attached on Document related list.

  • Provide all the test data and screens to dev team then assign it to them for further analysis.
  • Dev team started looking in to they found there is not proper data for the Asset record to fulfil testing objective.
  • QA team updated or added the tested data on Asset object for Primary owner and joint owner etc.. then tested the respective functionality.

Defect#4:Cases are not assigning to right case team.

Step1: Login to SFDC

Step2: Access or search for the Case object

Step3: Create a new case for billing update.

Step4: Case is getting created

Step5: Verify the Assignee field for case team which is assign the case.

  • Assign this defect to Dev team for further step by providing all the evidences.
  • Dev team found case assignment rules are not correct assignee details.
  • Update the case assignee details then retest QA the defect#4 and then close the defect.

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