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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Free Live Streaming and VODs for NRIs

i have discovered that many Telugu people (Bigg Boss fans) who are living in USA, struggling to find where to watch Big Boss Telugu Season 3, since Popular indian IPTV’s like Yuptv, hot star stopped telecasting Star Maa in USA, in which Big boss is getting hosted. Start date – jul – 21 – 2019

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Renew UiPath Community Edition License

UiPath community edition will expire after 60 days from the date of installation, if you want to continue to use UiPath, you should renew, Please follow the below steps to Renew UiPath community edition Open UiPath studio You will see the following window if community edition is already expired Click Renew License, this will land

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API/Web Services Automation Testing Tutorials

Automation is nothing but the use of software to perform a manual task. Test Automation is the process of using specialized software for performing manual testing and verifying the results/outcomes to predicted results. Hence, Webservice automation is just the use of some dedicated software to perform the web service testing. Then, what is web service testing?

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How to fix the Jenkins error: error fetching remote repo origin, hudson git exception ,failed to fetch

Challenge # I have triggered a Jenkins job, but job is hampered due to this issue ‘Error:Error fetching remote repo origin’ hudson.plugins.git.GitException: failed to fetch from ‘Git project URL’ Solution # Go to the Jenkins directory (this can be usually found at C:\Jenkins\Workspace)in which your Jenkins jobs are getting stored, take the back up of

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How to Install TestNG in Eclipse IDE

Prerequisites Windows 7 or 10 OS Java/JDK Eclipse IDE Steps to install TestNG in Eclipse IDE Open Eclipse, Go to Help –> Click Install new Software Click Add, Enter Name as TestNG and location as this URL – Click Add and Check TestNG check box as shown below, Click Next Accept Agreement and Click

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How to Download and Install Maven on Windows

Steps to install Maven Open this URL – Click on the highlighted link and Download Maven as depicted below Unzip this file and Save it to local directory Add Maven Directory to Environment variables Add ‘Maven_Home‘ to Path Click Ok and Go to Windows Command prompt and type ‘mvn -version‘ to verify Maven installation.