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How to fix the Jenkins error: error fetching remote repo origin, hudson git exception ,failed to fetch

Challenge # I have triggered a Jenkins job, but job is hampered due to this issue ‘Error:Error fetching remote repo origin’ hudson.plugins.git.GitException: failed to fetch from ‘Git project URL’ Solution # Go to the Jenkins directory (this can be usually found at C:\Jenkins\Workspace)in which your Jenkins jobs are getting stored, take the back up of

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How to move Jenkins jobs from one view to another view

Steps to move Jenkins jobs between views click on the view to which you want to move the job (For example, Assume that you have 3 views, first view name is ‘ALL‘ which is default, second view is ‘View1‘ and Third view is ‘View2‘) You will see all the jenkins jobs under Default view Select

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Jenkins – Upload plug-ins which are unavailable in central plug-in repository

Here you go for the steps: Click Manage Jenkins Manage Plug-ins Go to Advanced tab Scroll down to Upload-plug-in section and upload desired plug-ins Jenkins plug-ins can be downloaded @ Note: Jenkins only allows ‘.hpi’ plug-in format.