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Tutorial # 2 – Built in tools available in Parasoft SOATest

SOAtest includes a variety of tools that help you test Web services. The list of tools and their functions are taken from the Parasoft SOATest documentation. You can also extend SOAtest’s capabilities by scripting your own tools or integrating third-party tools into the SOAtest environment.  SOAtest can apply the following tools. Category Available Tools Messaging Tools

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Tutorial # 1 – Parasoft SOAtest Installation & Setup on Windows

This topic explains how to install the standalone version of SOAtest (which is built upon the Eclipse framework) on a Windows system. The steps are taken from the Parasoft SOATest User Manual System Requirements • 32-bit or 64-bit (x86_64) processor • At least 1 GB RAM per processor (2 GB is recommended) • Windows 2000, 2003,

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